Excellent 93% KPI rating achieved at Ashford School

A huge well done to everybody involved in the delivery of Ashford School’s Nursery & Sports Pavilion

A 93% customer satisfaction rating was achieved by our team during the construction of a new nursery and a new sports pavilion for Ashford School. Our works involved creating a vibrant new nursery for pupils at Ashford School’s Great Chart site. The CLArchitects designed building has created an environment reflecting the school ethos for adventurous learning. The new nursery retains a number of historic stone walls from a previous building on site, making them key features.

The new sports pavilion provides much-needed facilities to support Ashford School’s “competitive sport for all” ethos. The timber frame pavilion provides a mix of changing rooms and a club room offering views across the sports pitches. Some highlights of the feedback received include:

  • 10/10 – for our sensitivity to those working in and around the building;
  • 10/10 – for Collaborative Working;
  • 10/10 – for Quality of Product;
  • 10/10 – for Handover;
  • 10/10 – for our Ability to Add value;

We were also rated as Better than contractors they had used in the past. Thank you to everybody involved including our local supply chain which consisted of 97% micro, small and medium sized companies.