Company Values

We are proud of our company values, taking great pride in the work that we do. As a specialist and authority in our field, we are uniquely placed to support our customers on their path to net zero. Customers will find that Coombs delivers on its promise, with honesty and integrity.

To us, the most important value that we can share with you, our stakeholder, is knowledge. We can never stop learning and training if we are to continue to advise our customers properly. Thus, at all levels Coombs will help people to achieve their goals through training and education. We want every single Coombs employee to be passionate about the climate emergency and energy efficiency, because it is our staff that make us different.

By constantly improving our expertise and pushing the boundaries, Coombs will remain at the forefront of the low energy sector in Kent.

83% repeat business
due to the long standing relationships we develop with our clients and professional teams