Dreamland Phase 1

95% of subcontractors were based in Kent maximising the benefit to the local economy.

Dreamland Phase 1

Our project has recreated a tourist attraction suitable for modern day use that is helping bring visitors to Margate and contribute to the on-going revival of the seaside town.

Works comprised building strip out, refurb and internal reconfiguration to return the complex to a ‘retro-operational state’; refurb of the ball room, entrance foyer & retail space; re-roofing the ballroom; infrastructure work to provide drainage, power, data and water to facilitate connection of the park rides.

To maximise the usability of the space and for it to ultimately become a more welcoming environment for customers, in conjunction with the Operator we reviewed the original locations for the rides, reconfigured their layout and redesigned the power, data, water and drainage provision.

To allow areas of the park to be opened for public use, we amended our working practices relative to those originally planned. Additional measures were introduced to segregate work activities, reduce noise during hours of operation and reduce dust.

Through our combined efforts, Dreamland was able to open earlier than originally anticipated making the most of the summer season. The early opening, and increase in visitors has helped revive Margate as a whole with a 24% increase in house prices and 20 new shops, restaurants and bars have opened.

Thanet District council
Guy Hollaway
Sunshine Café, Dreamland Phase 2
Dover Castle Officer Barracks

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