St Mildred’s Priory

Extension works to St Mildred's have helped the priory welcome a greater number of guests with disabilities.

St Mildred’s Priory

St Mildred’s Priory is a Scheduled Ancient Monument attracting thousands of visitors each year but is also the home of a living community.

Our work undertaken at St Mildred’s Priory involved construction of a new single storey extension to the Scheduled Ancient Monument, within the grounds of a Grade I Listed Building with a Grade II listed boundary wall.

Hospitality has always been an important part of the monastic lifestyle and a way to share in the rich heritage. The sisters accommodate residential groups in the Guest House which was extended during this project. The extension known as the “Bethany Wing”, includes a large spacious meeting room, overlooking a private garden. The Bethany Wing is fully accessible for people with disabilities, including a twin ensuite bedroom.

The new accommodation for people with disabilities has allowed the sisters to welcome a greater number of individual guests and groups, continuing their tradition for more than forty years of welcoming families of people with disabilities for an annual retreat.

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