Sunshine Café, Dreamland Phase 2

The restoration of the former Sunshine Cafe and cinema entrance foyer at Dreamland, is a significant step towards further increasing visitor enthusiasm in Dreamland and making the entertainment complex work as a whole. Completion of this second phase of works will significantly contribute to the continued regeneration of Margate. This iconic project will bring the former Sunshine café back to life as a new restaurant and it is hoped will pave the way for further development of the Art Deco Cinema Complex. A lettable space has been created within the seafront landmark with repairs to the original building fabric through installing and replacing cast iron windows, re-roofing, restoring the building’s’ fin ‘and brick fascia, installing a lift, new external signage and installing neon lighting. Restoration of the foyer to its original 1930s design includes new external brass hand railings, Bronze entrance doors and restoration and renewal of Travertine limestone facade … Continue reading Sunshine Café, Dreamland Phase 2