Creating places people call home

Through our long history of designing and building residential developments we understand that we are delivering more than just accommodation – we are creating places your customers will call home.

Our approach focuses on keeping the needs of people in mind – whether that’s the need for flexible and future proofed spaces, the importance of natural light and ventilation or the need to have highly efficient, maintainable and sustainable homes.

With over 83% of our projects on behalf of repeat customers we have a track record of satisfying the development needs of Registered Providers such as Town & Country Housing Group, Sanctuary Housing and English Rural Housing as well as on behalf of private developers such as Rogate.

Our work with developers and Registered Providers alike means we understand the importance of developing strategies to achieve early sales and optimise your cashflow.

Our teams are experienced in the development of projects in the supported living sector including care extra care, residential, nursing, sheltered or accommodation to suit people with dementia.

Visit our projects gallery or click on the images below to start exploring our experience in housing.

Whether it's providing much needed affordable housing or a luxury housing developments we deliver more than just accommodation - we create places your customers call home.

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